Hungary’s Response on Covid-19

Hungary’s Response on Covid-19

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On March 11th, the Hungarian Government declared a state of emergency in the country. An initial curfew was declared on March 27th for two weeks, but on April 9th, The Prime Minister extended the curfew indefinitely (More info). The curfew allows people to leave their homes only for essential activities such as work, professional obligations, economic, agricultural and forestry activities, access to health care, and shopping and running errands regarding basic needs.” Grocery stores, drug stores, pharmacies, and markets will be open. People will be required to keep one and a half meters apart. The curfew was, however, lifted in Budapest starting May 18th. People are still required to take precautionary measures such as covering their face in shops and on public transport or keeping a distance of one and a half meters (More info).

The National Center for Public Health has published certain recommendations for workplaces to ensure safe return to work of employees. Only healthy people should return to the office, special attention should be paid to disinfectant hand washing, surface disinfection and distance. Employers should also ensure more frequent cleaning of the premises. The workplace needs to be disinfected and cleaned more often, and computers, keyboards, and switches need to be disinfected more often. Whenever possible, the possibility should be created for employees to keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other. In addition, frequent ventilation of the workplace is an important measure to prevent the spread of the virus (See here).


Employers should continue to check with relevant authorities for the latest information:


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