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    Authored by environmental lawyers, the RegScan™ Country Monitor covers the same topical areas as our global legal registers and audit protocols.

    Fully integrated with the LookOut™ Alert service.
    18 Covered Topical Areas
    Monitoring: Europe, Asia, North America,
    Latin America, Oceania, & Africa (Coming Soon)
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The RegScan One library of document content is unmatched.


Legal Registsers and Audit Protolcols from virtually every jurisdiction around the globe.


You guessed it; more to come!


We have been compiling our library for our clients for almost 20 years.

LookOut™ Email Alerts

Be alerted anytime your search terms appear in any regulatory updates.

My WatchList Change Alerts

Want to monitor a specific regulation, citation, title, chapter? WatchList will alert you when changes are processed to a watched node.


Audit Tools

Easily create audit checklists while filtering out questions that don't apply to you.


See the amendment history of a regulation by comparing the current regulation with an earlier or future version.