Regulatory Documents

The RegScan™ One library of document content is unmatched.


Legal Registers and Audit Protocols from virtually every jurisdiction around the globe.

Interface Languages

You guessed it; more to come!

Library Lifespan

Established in 1987, RegScan™ has been compiling our library for our clients for 32 years.

Tools & Features

Enhance your experience with RegScan’s exclusive content management tools.

LookOut™ Email Alerts

Receive alerts anytime your search terms appear in any regulatory updates.

WatchList Change Alerts

Monitor a specific regulation, citation, title or chapter and receive alerts.   Alerts are generated when any changes to a watched item occur.


Create auditing checklists with our Applicability and Advanced Applicability tools.


See the amendment history of a regulation by comparing two versions of a document; past, present or future.

Batch Print

Select only pertinent individual documents for print or consolidated format, all at once.


Export content for use in various formats for individual or partner systems.