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Employment opportunities at RegScan allow you to be part of a team that provides content, service and solutions for customers around the world.  Opportunities are always arising from our corporate office in Williamsport, PA , throughout the United States and internationally.


Job Duties:

  • Legal Translator/Interpreter from Mandarin to English and English to Mandarin;
  • Support Asia Pacific regulatory research and services team with accurate translation of legal languages for Environmental, Health, & Safety Regulatory and Support Services within the Asia Pacific region;
  • Use government websites, legislative pages, and agency websites to find laws, regulations, rules, or standards for a given country, such as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan;
  • Use websites in native language (Simplified or Traditional Chinese);
  • Read and comprehend content regarding Environmental, Health & Safety legislative, regulatory, and other legal developments in Mandarin and English;
  • Create a draft of Environmental, Health, and Safety laws for each country; Translate title, citation, and provide summary in English; Translate the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) laws and regulations from the Mandarin to English and English to Mandarin;
  • Review translated content for completeness and accuracy;
  • Summarize translated text to help customers understand the context, application, and development of the EHS laws and regulations in Asian Pacific countries;
  • Summarize Business information related to translated text; Submit draft to EHS Legal staff for review and correction; Revise draft as directed;
  • Provide final translations that accurately reflect content of laws and regulations; Create and organize translations according to country in local language and in English;
  • Use electronic resources and online websites in Mandarin, and google sheets, google docs and adobe to enter translated content onto google sheets or internal online system;
  • Work remotely.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Pre-Law or related, and 6 months of experience as Translator or occupation where majority of time involves translation.
  • Fluent in Mandarin (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) and English, including legal terminology, both verbal and written language. 6 months experience translating and summarizing documents for business in the Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) Laws industry, (in order to understand legal terminology related to the EHS industry enough to be able to summarize legal terminology in both languages).
  • Able to translate verbally and in writing complex legal and regulatory language in both English and Mandarin. Able to find and use websites used by China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including using Mandarin language.
  • Able to use electronic resources and web-based applications independently.
  • Work remotely.

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RegScan, Inc.
800 West Fourth Street – Suite 202
Williamsport, PA 17701

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