Change Management & Alerts

LookOut™ Email Inbox Alerts

What is LookOut™?

Some of the features of LookOut™

 A customized search and email alert service that delivers a notice of regulatory change right to your inbox. By defining specific keywords or phrases, you receive daily alerts on state or federal regulatory changes.

 Generates an email each business day. All identified matches contain information from the federal or state register databases. The federal alert is scheduled to arrive daily before 5 p.m., while the state alert arrives on the next business day.

 Giving you a whole host of advanced searching options, making it simple to set up specialized queries. Search by agency, citation or run type, or use the pre-defined options that the RegScan programming team has already set up.

 An unlimited number of queries to work with. All emails load quickly and contain links to corresponding regulations in the RegScan One databases. Once LookOut™ is set up, just sit back. You’ll automatically receive your customized results.