Our Corporate Partners

RegScan™ Partners with Quentic

Quentic is one of the leading providers of software as a service (SaaS) solutions in the European EHS and CSR market, with 11 branch offices in 7 countries. More than 600 customers leverage Quentic’s software platform to strengthen their EHS and CSR management. With eight combineable modules, Quentic handles health & safety, risks & audits, hazardous materials, legal compliance, online instructions, processes, as well as environmental management and sustainability. The integrative software is suitable to support management systems according to ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001. Quentic networks data, connects all EHS and CSR actors, and encourages engagement across the entire field–via browser or app. The centralized platform helps users to document events, implement measures and monitor their business’ performance. Since tasks interlock across departments, locations and countries, company processes can be efficiently controlled according to legal requirements.

If you currently use or are currently looking to purchase Quentic software to help your company maintain compliance, CONTACT US to learn more about how we currently work strategically with Quentic and their customers to provide an even greater depth of content and tools to help you maintain compliance.