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RegScan prides itself on its current-to-the-day regulations, keeping you in-the-know and helping you stay in compliance. RegScan has all 50 titles of the Code of Federal Regulations and Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, Transportation, Agriculture and Health Care regulations for all 50 states.

RegScan One users have access to an archive of the complete U.S. Federal Register dating back to 1994. The Federal Register is published daily and final rule amendments integrated into all 50 titles of the Code Of Federal Regulations (CFR) each day.

Additionally, you can track proposed state rules with our State Register databases. You’ll be ahead of your competitors because you’ll know which changes are pending. Both final and proposed rules are covered, if published.


Access U.S. and International data on the same platform, and customize your own legal registers and audit protocols for more than 175 jurisdictions. RegScan One is an intuitive research and alert system that makes it easy to find exactly what you need, AND to filter out the things you don’t.

All full-text content is fully searchable and completely online. Additional navigational features, such as an anchored breadcrumb trail, let you know exactly where you are within a database.


  • Federal & State Registers
  • Full-text CFR/Regulations
  • Full-text Statutes
  • Full-text State Regulations, Statutes & Registers


  • Audit Protocols
  • Country Monitors
  • Full-text Regulations
  • Legal Registers