Regulatory Content

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Regulatory Content

Stay current on day-to-day regulatory changes across the globe to help your business stay in compliance. RegScan provides access to full-text regulations for over 200 jurisdictions worldwide.

Regions Covered

·           U.S. ( federal and state) ·           EU
·           Asia ·           Canada (federal and provincial)
·           Mexico (federal and state) ·           Australia
·           South America ·           Africa


RegScan provides access to full text regulations in a variety of ways and replicates the full text regulations directly on its platform. RegScan prides itself on its current-to-the-day regulations, keeping you in-the-know and helping you stay in compliance.

  • EHS legislation by Country

  • Full text available via link to government website or directly in RegScan platform

  • Frequent updates

  • Multiple languages

  • Summaries and amendment history

Legal Registers

RegScan provides a list of legislation for Health, Safety, Environment, Transportation and associated areas.  This list of legislation creates the foundation for our RegScan Legal Registers.  Each piece of legislation includes a summary, guidance information, amendment history, links to full text, and reference links.   Additionally, within the RegScan Legal Register you will find the list of extracted text, requirements, and audit questions associated with the legislation you are viewing.


RegScan’s team of international EHS experts researches and maintains legal registers to keep you up to date on legislation and regulations across the globe. RegScan currently maintains over 100 countries and associated regions in this format and can develop additional countries/regions as needed.


Some of the topical areas* covered within the RegScan Legal Register include:


·           Air Fire Protection
·           Water Electrical Safety
·           Waste Marine
·           Product Stewardship Hazardous Substances
·           Environmental Protection Construction
·           Occupational Health Transportation
·           Equipment Safety Security
·           Personal Safety Process Safety
·           Emergency Response Labor Standards


RegScan Legal Registers include coverage of over 100 global jurisdictions, including the EU, Canada, Mexico, China, and Australia, with additional coverage across South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Federal and State Registers – US

Fully searchable and completely online, these databases contain full-text versions of all final rule changes and proposed Federal and State regulations.

RegScan State Registers are fully searchable online databases that contain full-text versions of all final rule changes and proposed state regulations. State Register databases contain up-to-date notices about regulations, as well as pending and final changes to existing ones. Both final and proposed rules are included if published. Just like our Federal Register service, RegScan’s State Register databases will be updated as often as new information is published.

International Full-Text For Canada, Mexico and EU

Full-text health, safety & environmental regulations for Canada, Mexico and the European Union contain all the essential rules that affect your daily operations. Fully searchable allowing you to have the most in-depth access to the information you need to make sure your facilities are in compliance.


  • Full-text regulations, legal registers, and proposed regulations via federal and provincial Gazettes
  • Regulations and legal registers cover both national and provincial EH&S topics
  • RegScan also publishes the Canada Gazette and provincial gazettes of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec (includes all topics, not just EH&S)
  • Quebec regulatory content published in French and English


  • Full-text regulations (NOMS)
  • Environmental, Health, Safety and Transportation coverage
  • Available in both Spanish and English
  • Mexican state regulations

European Union

  • Full-text European Union (EU) HSE directives
  • European Community Environmental, Health & Safety
  • European Union Legal Register – Topical Audit Questions
  • European Union Chemical Lists


Alerts and Change Management services notify our users when Regulatory Content changes.

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Proposed rules, notices and recently published final rules

  • Keyword queries

  • Customized alerts: users can customize alerts for notifications on their dashboards or e-mail inboxes

Content Access

RegScan’s platform allows users access to an easy-to-use set of tools to make regulatory compliance easier for your business.

  • Applicability analysis

  • Fully searchable

  • Topical areas include Air, Water, Waste, Hazardous Substances, Transportation, and more!

  • Requirements, audit questions, and guide notes

  • Multiple output formats

  • Customizable profiles

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